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Hi, I’m Heidi. I go by a few different names online, but you’ll most likely see me as “Zerochan” or some close variant thereof. I’m a lady who likes a whole lotta videogaming stuff, and I’ve been writing about them professionally for over a decade. I’m particularly interested in Japanese games and game history, but I love a lot of various gaming subcultures: arcade gaming, the fighting game community, indie and doujin games, kusoge “appreciation”, and a whole lot more. Non-gaming (but really still tangentially related to gaming) hobbies of mine include doujinshi/doujin culture and Japanese figures.

My life goals include interviews with a few specific names in the Japanese game industry and eventually writing a book about Japan’s doujin subculture. I’d like to help create and publish a doujinshi someday, as well. And like anyone who plays a lot of games, I have many design ideas, but who knows what will come of those? Maybe someday…

I currently reside in San Mateo, California, though I’m originally from Iowa. I studied at and graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA.

You can follow me on Twitter, where I mostly talk about more gaming stuff and various life happenings.

If you’re interested in hiring me for freelance work, and wish to see my credentials and some examples of my professionally published pieces, please do check out my LinkedIn.

(And yes, I really like Vanessa. Moreso than is healthy, probably.)

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